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Accepted Artwork Formats


Artwork guidelines are as in the following. If you have any questions please contact us.

We do not accept Microsoft Word, Publisher or PowerPoint formats or pdf file converted from them.


The accepted artwork formats are:

* CorelDraw (*.cdr)
* Adobe Illustrator (*.ai)
* Encapsulated Post Script (*.eps)
* Portable Document Format (*.pdf)

300dpi or more at final print size for the following formats:

* Adobe Photoshop (*.psd) - leave it in layers!
* Tagged Image Format (*.tif)
* JPEG (*.jpg)
* Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)

Please leave all artwork in layers, outline or rasterize your fonts, and assign desired pantone colors where able.


Your art files should be sized to your intended print size. We recommend that you design artwork true to size rather than scaling it up at the last step.

REGULAR PRINT SIZE (width x height):

Adult men garments: 12" x 14"
Adult unisex garments: 12" X 14"
Fitted women's garments and youth shirts: 11" x 12"
Women's boy-beater tank top: 9" x 10"
Left or Right Chest prints: 4" x 3"
Sleeve prints: 3.5" x 12"


We print large format garments at an additional cost.
Up to: 17" x 20"
Call or email for pricing.

Online Art Approval Screen Printing Samples of Custom Art Designs

Urban World's Art Department will help you with your ideas from start finish. Your product is not only a reflection of your business but of ours. We have some of the best designers in Houston, Texas.

We provide standard custom artwork at NO COST with apparel order. Complex art, redraws, and touch up will incur a one time complex art job fee.

All art work, screens, embroidery, films and any other objects used in the creation of products are the sole property of Urban World LLC. If we create the art design, the design is the property of Urban World LLC. If the art design is provided by the customer, then that design belongs to the designer and can not be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the owner.
A Screen charge is for the cost of creating and burning an image into a screen for the purpose of creating a design on a customer's item. It does not mean that you purchased or own that screen. However, we will keep your artwork on the screen(s) for 90 days. If you reorder with 90 days there will be no screen charge and the artwork will be kept on the screen(s) up to 90 days from the date of last reorder.

If your artwork is not screen print ready or needs touch up, art charges will apply.
Since all artwork is approved before a job is printed, all sales are final.
If the customer provides the shirts, Urban World LLC will not warranty the shirts, but will warranty the printwork. Any misprints will be considered as a print owed and not a garment owed.

Customer needs to review their invoice and verify that all information is correct (Sizes, Styles, Quantities, and Colors, etc).

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